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The Deep South Gospel Show(c)

(A Gospel Service)

Engaging the Deep South Gospel Show is a risk free venture.

There will be no cost to you, and the experience gained from

 a wonderful evening’s entertainment will create

Additional funds for your church or Society.

"A fantastic Evening" - All Saints Church (Harbridge)

"We are having them back!" - St Mary’s Church (Clymping)

"A marvellous Show" - St James Church (Alderholt)

Devised by Chris Walker and Colin Larn The Deep South Gospel Show presents

an event of excitement and joy as all are invited to participate and join in

the singing if they so wish. Performed in keeping with the established traditional jazz and gospel music of the deep Southern states of America this show

rekindles the passionand Fire of the spiritual songs of praise that

define an exhilarating and genuine form of worship.


Colin Larn, a lifetime professional musician has worked with many top stars

and household names including Sir Cliff Richard performing

with Cliff on stage and television on his gospel tours

of the United Kingdom and Africa.


  Chris Walker did much to help research and popularise the "Jazz at Vespers"

programme that became the fore-runner of many religious concerts

by jazz bands in Churches  across England. He regularly performs

in New Orleans ,where it all began, and was instrumental in creating

the New Orleans Musicians Appeal Fund (NOMAF) -

a disaster fund that raised in excess of 50,000

in the wake of hurricane Katrina


Distance is no object as we tour the country. To get things started

or find out more call Chris or Colin        

We look forward to presenting The Deep South Gospel Show for you.

CHRIS WALKER (01425) 655631 or COLIN LARN 07547 399814

or E-mail us at: - chris.walker@swingtet.co.uk